Welcome to Lorraine Hall’s Writing Portfolio

This site is exclusively to showcase the writing portfolio of C. Lorraine “Nina” Hall. The writing to be found here ranges from the biographical/autobiographical human interest article to the academic essay, and also includes creative nonfiction fairy tales from life, a sample of Lorraine’s pamphlet-making, a sample of an infographic, and several of her published poems. All of Lorraine’s writing samples are available through the menu to the left. Just click on “Writing Portfolio” to get started. Lorraine’s main online publications are The Literary Librarian (where she interviews fellow authors under her pen name, Amarine Rose Ravenwood), The Fairy Tale Garden (a site for real-life fairy tales – autobiographical creative nonfiction), and Graceful Grit (where she is one of five female writers who contribute articles to the publication). Links to all three publications are in the menu. To hire Lorraine to write for your publication, please use the contact form, which is also located in the menu to the left.  May your visit here be enjoyable and may you find what you seek.